Notes and Info Box support in API v2

In API v1 we can create notes (/v1/pulses/{id}/notes.json) but I can’t find this functionality in v2…
Will it be available over time?

Do you plan to add the ability to edit the update via API? now we have to look for it - copy content - delete old - create a new one with the corrected content…

Also the ability to make an update pinned will be very useful

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Hey @SlaveZ,
At this moment we are not planing to support notes with API v2.
We are planing to add the ability to edit updates with API v2.
I will add the pin updates to our requests list!

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Why wouldn’t you support Notes in the API v2?

I am creating new items from Microsoft Flow and want to put some content into a Note as I create the item.

Hey @MarkStokes – welcome to the community! While adding API support to Notes is not currently on the roadmap, we can certainly add it if we see a lot of requests for it.

In the meantime, I’d suggest using the updates section to add text to an item, similar to Notes :slight_smile:

That is what i am now doing.

But I cannot send the email body as HTML through the API. The data payload doesn’t handle multiple speech marks, etc and embed images arent maintained. And if I encode it, it doesn’t get un-encoded on the other end.

The only way I have managed to update it properly is to forward my original email (a support ticket) to the pulse email address and then it gets added as an update properly.

This is the only approach I have found that works reliably.


Is there an estimate of when you plan on adding Notes to API v2?
I am currently using v1 for this and I am worried you guys will just kill it while we are using it.

Hey @KeriArzaluz – we don’t have an ETA on when we will add info box support to our GraphQL API. However, we want to add it and will be sure to include the feature (or an alternative) before deprecating our REST API., it’s really sad to see that the API is lagging behind the rest of the platform and there is no clear roadmap for it. Not being able to edit or delete an update or modify its fields is really a significant issue for the platform which should be easy to integrate with

Hi there. Our company is also interested in having the ability to get data from Info Boxes. We want to use them as a workaround for tracking development progress. It is not really convenient for us using the Updates functionality because of possible mess with regular messages and discussions

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