Notification when Status stays the same for too long

Hi everyone,

not sure whether “Use Cases” or “FAQ” is more fitting. Anyways, I am trying to build an automation that goes something like this:

When Status stays something notify someone after some time.

The particular case is: When sending something to a client for review and the client does not respond for three weeks we want to be notified.
So – as the wanted automation says – if the status does not change for the whole time we want a notification. Every time the status changes to something but “in review” however the counter should be reset and started again once the status changes to “in review” again.

So far I have set up an automation that logs the first time a project goes to the client / the status changes to “in review” and notifies after 21 days regardless of the changes in status in between.

I hope this is understable and am happy for all feedback on this.

Hi @dk_NFroehlich, I just answered a very similar question in another thread here:

Basically, you can use a set of two automations to achieve this. The first, in your case when status is set to “in review” push a date X number of days. Then a second automation to monitor the date and when it is passed and the status is “in review” send a notification.

If the status changes so something else, no notifications would occur. However, if it is set back to “in review” the process would be kicked off again.

Hope this helps!

Hey Mark,

thank you very much. This seems unnecessarily complex but might work with limitations. It only works as long as the revisions are completed within the timeframe of, in our case 21 days, to reset the timer again, doesn’t it?

Thanks again Mark, for your inspiration. I ended up with the following (complex) solution:

I added another Date column and created multiple automations:

When Status changes to In Review set Due Date to today and push Due Date by 21 Days

When Due Date arrives and Status is In Review notify Person

By first setting the due date to today I make sure that the notification always occurs in 21 days and pushing the date does not stack.

Secondly by connecting the notification to the status, passing the due date will not matter as long as the project is still WIP or in revision.

Thirdly no matter whether the due date had been passed, by setting the due date to today and then pushing the date when changing the status I make sure that I still have three weeks to go.

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