Notify multiple users and automatic numbering

I have 2 questions.
1: Can I automate that when something is happening/didn’t happening with only one automation? For example: in my case if some column is still empty after 7 days the automation says notify me, for example. Can I change it so it will notify multiple users in the board?

2: Can I make an automatic numbering for case number, so if I open a new case it will start from 1 for example and if someone will open a new one it will be 2 etc etc…?

Thank you!

For 1. Would this be an ‘every 7 days’ kind of thing or just within 7 days of the item being created or something specific happening?

What that supposed to happen is if “x” column is not filled after 7 days is supposed to notify some people (not necessarily the same people all the time).

Hey @GalCavaliero, you will need a separate date column and way to trigger when the 7 days starts. For example, if its 7 days after the item is created, you would need the following (lets call the date column “Check Date” and the column that you want to see if blank as “Case Status”):

  1. When item is created, set “Check Date” to today and then push “Check Date” by 7 days
  2. When “Check Date” arrives, and only if “Case Status” is empty Notify [people column]/item subscribers/board subscribers/etc.

For your second question, there is an autonumber column however it is based on board position, so not overly useful. We use the following marketplace app AutoID Column - App Marketplace for our clients who need more advanced autonumbering.

Hope this helps!

Got it! You could do that with automations. An idea would be to have a ‘created date’ be the start date and then have another column as the due date (7 days later).

Then have another automation that says when that due date arrives if a column is empty then to notify you or the required person