Null values in pivot boards

When I create pivot board it is showing null subitem values also and because of this my count record total is showing wrong. Is there any way to hide the null (subitem count) value in pivot boards.

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Can anyone please give me clearity on this and tell me the solution of this?

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This is also my dilemma. I got the same null data but couldn’t find where it’s pulling from. Hope someone could share thoughts on this.

I’m having the same issue…

I have the same issue as well… has anyone found a solution?

Has anyone found a solution for this issue?

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Hello, same issue. when will we be able to delete sub-element columns from a board ?

I found this problem, and I can say for certain it is the sub-items causing the “null” I’m deleting the sub-items now, but I know that isn’t appropriate for all. Not sure why when you hide “null” it doesn’t really hide them. That would be much easier solution for all.