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Hey everyone! My team is currently new to Monday and we are loving it so far. One concern we have though is the update/comment process. When uploading a newer version of an asset or file, is there a way to hide or move the old versions somewhere else? That way everyone is sure they are looking at the most current version? I tried looking through automations and couldn’t find anything to make this action possible. Any feedback is welcomed! Thank you!

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We do have a File Versioning feature that is currently available to trial - it sounds like this might be useful for you!
You can read all about the feature and how to add it here: File versioning

As this is something we are trialling, there are some limitations to this that it’s worth flagging.
Currently this feature supports image files (jpg, png, etc, but not gif), pdf files and video.
This also is only available for files that are uploaded directly to the platform, rather than external files (Google Drive, Dropbox etc).

If this isn’t what you’re looking for, you might want to consider using the Updates section in an item. Whilst this won’t automatically delete the older versions, the newest version will always be in the most recent update, which would appear at the top of the updates.

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