Files Located under update column

Hello, for our business we receive a large amount of emails with important pdf files, offers currently a pretty neat feature for creating a new item on the selected board every time a new email is received, this is perfect now the problem we are facing now is that we need to be able to use this files to be send automatically between boars and our drobox thru a zappier connection, unfortunately at this time i have found this impossible since the files are been stored in a sub folder for files under the actual update, and yet I can see the files stored there none of the built in features can place this items else were or 3 party web hook connections like zappier cannot access this files either, to summed my question i need to be able to access this files on the sub folder to place them on a regular file Colum under the same item name. I appreciate all the help that can be provided in advance,

Hi @ADMINADASPLUS Thank you for asking. I can recommend the Extract monday partner app that takes files form updates and add them to a board item - ad to existing files or removing them and add the file as a new one.

Check it out here and let me know if you have any feedback