Move the files in the "Add to conversation / Files" from board to board

I am a new user of,

I am receiving email requests that provide information on the subject line along with attachments. The subject line of the email is populated in the first column of
The attachments are located in the “Add to Conversation / File” in I move the row from group to group and the “Add to Converstion along with the files” moves from group to group. Once the board (intake department) is completed with their process. The row is moved to another board (Costomer Contact Department). However, when the row is open in a group of the new board the “Add to Conversation / files” are not there.

How do I move the “Add to Conversation / Files” from Board to Board. I have eight Boards (Departments) in need to pass this information to.

Thank you,

I relized what I did wrong. I was using create instead of move.