Only admin can adjust column width

When trying to adjust column width only our Admin can adjust the column width, our users are unable to adjust this but can sort the column. Ive searched the forum and people have just commented about not be able to reduce the size of first column below a certain width and this doesn’t seem to be and issue,on our settings people can edited columns so does this fall under editing?

Hey there! Adjusting the column width does not require one to be an admin - this is definitely odd!

Do you know if the board owner is able to adjust the width of the columns? Or if you have column settings established?

You can check if someone is a board owner by clicking the board subscribers at the top of the page and then seeing who has a blue crown. Blue crown = board owner!

Let me know and we’ll go from there!

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Thanks for reply Charlotte,Board owners can adjust the width.

Would making someone a board owner mean they had admin rights or would they just be able to do things like adjustments?

We want to to have a level of restriction so people cant delete columns etc but still have functionality