OP - sign cover email

Hi there - I have set up a an integration with DocuGen and it is working great but I need to edit some things on the cover email. It is pulling through the item name for the relevant data, which I don’t want to include and also the account name needs to change from a user name to a company name. So that the bottom of the email reads: if you have any questions contact COMPANY NAME. Can you please help. Many thanks, J

Hey Julie,

Because Docugen is a 3rd party app, I’d recommend reaching out to the app’s developers directly. You can reach them via support@docugen.io - hope this helps in some way!

I think the cover letter is created by OPSign and not DocuGen - do you have a support contact for them?

Hey Julie,

Is this the app you’re using in the platform?

Screen Shot 2024-04-02 at 12.00.47 pm

If so, you can find their support email here → contact@op.today