Organize tasks in group of tasks

We are facing the following challenge while working with Monday bord in project management.

Our main board is organized in groups of tasks each one corresponding to a sprint (2 weeks time). The tasks are the clients projects. If the task is over 2 weeks, i duplicate the task in a new group of tasks. The problem is that sometimes we have the same task in several groups and the comments are desorganized (the client is still commenting in the initial task, and we are already in a new sprint and new task. The time estimates and chronometers follow up are also difficult.

Is there a better way to organize our work? Thank you for your feedback.

Hey @eka!

Hm, can I ask if you could instead utilise items to indicate each sprint and then have the subitems align with each task for that sprint? This way you can also take advantage of the status column to indicate you’ve moved onto the next sprint which might aid in defusing the confusion? You can set up a status column in the subitems (and mirror into the parent item) to indicate when you can move onto the next task:

You could even set up an automation to change the parent items status when all subitems (/tasks for that sprint) have been complete to indicate it’s time to move onto the next sprint, so it’s more clear for the client?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you Bianca, i’ll check it out.

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