Report time taken to complete each step in a task

Hi new to Monday, so still strugling with some consepts, or rather best practice.

I have a bunch of tasks (procurment items) that needs to go through a bunch of processes (motivation, RFQ, Order, Invoicing, payment). I have made each procument item an item and all the different processes I made into groups. In my status, once the item is “done” in 1 group/process I move it to the next group/process. I have a different status columns and dates for each group/proces. This works very well for a quick glance on where things are on the board, but I can’t seem to get a nice chart or Gantt to show how long an Item was sitting in each group/process.

I suspect my setup of items and groups are not really optimal or best practice. Or because I did back filled a whole bunch of items in one day it doe not display corrrectly ,