Outbound / Inbound Phone Calling and Dialer System

Hi… wanted to see if someone out there could help me. We currently have an Inside Sales team using Monday CRM for Leads and PhoneBurner for outbound and inbound dialing / text / emails.

What’s your setup for Calling? Exploring Integrated Phone dialer systems that can handle: Outbound dialing, Inbound Calls, Texting, and Emails… but keeping all records in Monday. Any great setups out there ?

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Hey @Cur_10 :wave:

We’ve used Aircall in the past, and it works great! They have an app that works really well, but the sales team can also make calls straight from their computer, which makes it super convenient. Here’s a link to see if it’ll work for you guys: Sign up | Aircall

Like I said, we’ve implemented this for some of our clients in the past, so I’m happy to help if you need :+1:

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