Overall structural heirarch of Monday.com

I am new to MDC and am designing a custom CRM. I am not clear on the global heirarchy of MDC’s various elements. I.e. Workspace>Board>Columns>Pulse, etc…

To design my CRM, I need to see the big picture of the MDC heirarchy, all help appreciated! Thanks…

Hi, @DavidP - Happy to help. Here’s the overall hierarchy of MDC:

Workspaces (which can be secured if you are on Enterprise)

– Folders (1 level of folder only, inside a workspace)

---- Board (you can secure Item level viewing on Enterprise, otherwise anyone on a board can see all of the items even if they can’t edit them)

------- Groups on a board help you organize and subtotal groups of items if you want

------- Columns on a board apply to every Item on the board, and every Group

----------- Items are the individual rows on your board

--------------- Subitems (optional) are nested subtasks under an Item. Subitems can have different columns than the main (parent) Items but all subitems on a board have the same column structure. Basically, subitems are a hidden secondary board in the backend.

Dashboards can bring data in from any board you have permission to use, no matter what Workspace the board is in. The number of boards you can connect on a dashboard varies by your monday plan.

There is a lot more to know about the best practices to put together the right structure in MDC to support your business processes and allow you to maximize the use of Automations. We offer a limited number of no-charge strategy sessions in the community each week. You can book one here: Book Polished Geek: more with monday.com if you would like to ask more questions about how to get started with monday․com.

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