Overdue tasks automatically collapsed in My Work

With the new update, the top group “Overdue Tasks” is automatically closed. Ironically, this is one of the most important groups for my team to ensure tasks aren’t being missed, and tasks are now being missed because the group now defaults to closed.

Would really appreciate if this group would no longer default to closed. I’d rather have more information on my screen, than have to click to open every time I enter My Work. At least give us an option if we would like it to default to closed.



Seconding this. Sometimes I wonder what users they speak with before making these “updates”. My team thought this was a BUG.


100% agreed with this. “Overdue” tasks are by nature urgent and need to be highly visible. Very frustrating to suddenly have to expand that section every time I open My Work.


I third this! My team missed a ton of tasks last week not realizing the group auto collapsed. Please implement a setting or option to have it auto close!


Agreed - I’d like an option to keep this group open and help me prioritize overdue tasks.


Agreed - please DON’T automatically collapse this group.


100% AGREE! This is the most important group to open!


I, too, thought it was a bug! Please have a toggle for this to auto-collapse or not!


Please put this as priority one. We sent this in as feedback immediately, and I am so glad to see it’s not just our team. Luckily, we haven’t actually missed anything, but I just found 3 that would have been terrible if we missed.

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Throwing my comment into the mix-- like others, it is critical that “overdue” tasks be immediately visible.

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totally agree! Now I miss items in my work because I don’t see them

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Couldn’t agree more! Turn this off asap!

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Yes, please. Please make in an option to turn on auto collapse!

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Hey, everyone! Looks like they implemented the fix. Thanks so much for everyone who shared their voice and upvoted the thread. Have a great start to your week!

Agree! As the admin for our account, I can say it’s critical that Overdue tasks are easily visible.

Agreeing completely. I often find myself pondering which users they consult prior to implementing these “updates.” My team was genuinely convinced that this was a glitch.