Send email daily for members who dont have tasks in top group

It maybe sounds strange but in order to keep the focus i want to send a daily notification for team members who don׳t have open tasks in current sprint (which is the top group in the board).
so i would query the people in the top group, then “subtract” from the team (which im not sure how to represent in Monday) and send them a predefined email every day at 9am.
i couldn’t find a way to accomplish that and would like some help please :slight_smile:

Hi, @Ora - How often do your team members change? If you don’t have much churn, you could do this with a no-code solution like Integromat or Zapier. But that would be unmanageable if your team changes often.

@PolishedGeek Thanks!
not very often. once in a quarter
i would look into Zapier

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