PDF text garbled


I have a user who is opening a pdf in Monday and for some reason it is displaying as garbled text. The same pdf opens as expected for other users and also when downloaded locally and opened with Acrobat. I am clueless on what could be causing this.

Is it possible they are using different browsers/operating systems, or have different fonts installed? Could also be a locale setting where its not interpreting unicode correctly.

Good thought, I am pretty confident they are using the same browser, but will double check. OS is for sure the same though and company maintained devices so conformity should be pretty close.

Did you find a fix for this @billpeeper ? We are having the same issue on one of our PC’s

I am having the same issue as well. I am the only user that is having the issue. I’ve tried using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and the app and I’m getting the same result. I also tried clearing my cache on my browsers and it did not work either. Sometimes the PDF text is garbled and sometimes it’s just missing altogether. I can download the PDF and it looks fine.

Did anyone find a solution for this ?
One of my users is experiencing the same thing.

Please advise,

I did not receive any info from anyone. However, I came in the next day after posting my issue and it was fixed after dealing with it for a few weeks.