PDF Thumbnail Preview - n/a in Files View or if emailed to Board

PDF attachments emailed to a Board are added as pulses with updates. The PDF in the update however does not have a preview in the update. It also doesn’t have a preview in the thumbnail of Files View.

The only way to preview the PDF’s appears to be to click on one of the PDFs in the Files View and then tab through.

Is there a work around or integration that makes it possible to see a quick preview of a PDF as you would If you uploaded (or drag and drop) a PDF directly into an update?

In the update - I also noticed Show Full Screen on a drag & drop pdf doesn’t seem to be working all of the time. Some times when you click it, it just defaults to the board view.

Hi @Susan_Bolles,

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Hello, we are having the same issue. We upload a PDF using the File column, and the PDF’s do not preview. How can this be resolved?

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Please fix this. This is a major problem for us as an organisation. We upload various documents and it’s a pain to open them each time without a preview.

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