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Hey all,

I’m currently building my company’s asset library using the DAM board in Monday. The one minor “bug” I’m encountering is when I hover my mouse over an attached asset, the thumbnail preview is blank:

These assets are all PNG files on a google drive. Whilst I can click through the asset link and it opens the image up in a new tab, is there anyway I can get the thumbnail to preview the file? Trying to make this library as user friendly as possible, and one less click will help with that.

Hey @Tevans,

Are you currently on an Enterprise Plan or EU server? If you’re on the Enterprise Plan, as provided in this article - monday.com and HIPAA - your plan is HIPAA compliant, and will prevent previews of images or other files in emails. Alternatively, I am afraid if you’re currently on an EU server, Filestack (the file preview service) is not supported. This means that there are no file previews besides PDF and most images (MS Office is not supported).

Please let me know if this makes sense, and might be contributing to the issue!

Hey @BiancaT - Thanks for the reply. I’ve been told we are on the pro plan (one down from enterprise). What would I need to do to get around my issue?

Thanks for clarifying this! Are you also able to confirm whether or not you’re on an EU server? This is also likely to be contributing to the issue if this is the case. If you’re unsure, please reach out to support@monday.com and they will be able to confirm this with your email. That said, if your account is not currently on an EU server, this does then sound a little strange, and our support team will be able to forward you to our technical support team for further investigation :+1:

Hey @BiancaT I’m not sure sorry! We’re UK based so I’d assume we are. If that is the root of the issue, do you know if Filestack will be supported on EU servers in future?

I’ve followed up internally on this one for you Tom, and will get back to you as soon as I hear back!

Thanks for your patience Tom! I have heard from the team who have confirmed that there are plans to have Filestack supported on EU servers in the near future, however they cannot commit to a specific date just yet as they work through a few unknowns. Sorry for lack of clarity, but please be assured this is on their radar :+1:

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Thanks @BiancaT ! I’ll wait and see :slight_smile:

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