Support thumbnail previews for external hosting sites currently allows a thumbnail preview of stored files (such as a JPEG or PDF) if a file is stored locally within itself - however for files stored externally (such as on a Google Drive) do not currently have this option.

I’m building an asset database for my company, and all our artwork is stored on an external google drive. Having the ability to hover your mouse over the attachment to view a thumbnail would be a big help in the functionality of this.


I appreciate your feedback and can understand how having a thumbnail preview for externally stored files would be advantageous for your work, especially when managing an extensive asset database.

As of my knowledge, indeed does not natively support thumbnail previews for files stored on an external platform like Google Drive. However, this could potentially be addressed through a custom integration or an app that would fetch a preview from the external file storage and display it in

Our team at Rally Essentials specializes in custom solutions and integrations for We could explore the possibility of developing a solution tailored to your needs that would enable this functionality. If you’d like to discuss this further, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at