DAM Thumbnails for Integrations

The DAM feature in Monday is a great idea, but the integrations are lacking. If you use any of the integrations for hosting your files (Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive, Box), you are unable to see a thumbnail preview in the DAM. Without a preview of the image, it is very cumbersome experience when trying to find an image you wish to use.

While it’s convenient to be able to use the google drive and dropbox integrations to navigate to a file using their interface (Monday Web App only), I can see this function being well-improved if performing such navigation only provides a Google Drive or Dropbox icon as a preview. Pasting a link as a pulse or in a link column is currently faster, even if you don’t get an icon.

As a small improvement, the integration would have a Gmail & Google Drive-style thumbnail preview to reward using the integration by adding that contextual value over pasting the share link in a pulse or link column.

A life-saver integration would browse (with limited options) the files, a paired down experience to how we can review a PDF.
Dropbox has an API for using their already pre-converted previews of user files, in HTML or PDF format, or other formats that Monday already natively supports in file view.
Google Drive should have a similar API, or HTML embed api.

Also, why can’t we select a Google Drive or Dropbox folder as something we want people to access?

Triaging and slowly rolling our similar support across more integrations would be incredible.

any thoughts on this?

Hi @MarkD486

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I completely agree with what you said in the context of monday Google Drive integration. Having a thumbnail-style preview would be certainly helpful for users and increase usage. Furthermore, rolling out constant support for monday .com Google Drive integration would be incredible for users.**

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