Permissions at view level

Please add permissions at the views level. I have multiple users in different groups on the same boards and we use views to organize different aspects of each job. If we are able to set permissions based on user type, group, or specific user at the views level this will allow more flexibility. Just using column level permissions is not enough for example if we want to use a form as a way to enter information more easily all users with modify rights on the overall board are then also able to modify the form at the creation level. We want the users to use the form for entries and then after those entries are made they can also continue to modify views on the board other than the form. So we can’t have both modify rights on the board but read only rights on the form and since the board and the form are tied together we need both.

Hi, @MarkNariy - Item Permissions exist but it is a premium feature (Enterprise plan only). If you are interested in learning more about how it works and pricing, I’d be happy to give you a personal tour of Enterprise and answer your questions. You can book a time using the link below.

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I am on an enterprise plan so if you can please tell me how to set permissions on views that would be great. You stated “Item Permissions” which is not the question but I would like to know how you think that could solve my question.