Pomodoro Timer

I feel like this one would be an easy add, as it is basically just an add on to the timer. Basically, instead of the timer just going up when you hit it, I would like the ability to set the timer for a certain amount of ‘focus’ time on a task. Usually 20-25 min. (look up the Pomodoro method if you have questions), at which point there could be a sound letting you know the session is done. You would then follow that up with a 5 min timed break. I would then like the timer to keep track of how many ‘sessions’ I spent on the task.
The current timer is just way to simple and has zero customization options. I was trying to double up my to-do list in both Monday and a timer app, but I find myself just using the timer app for my to-do list now instead of Monday. I really want to keep using Monday though, for all the extras that it gives me.