Pop up Status window

First time user. I watched an Elevate 2022 video where Purple Plum selected an address and it popped up another window that had a list of status that could be changed that was not listed on the main board. Was wondering how to do this. Link for video is monday.com for Real Estate (Elevate 2022) - YouTube. timestamp 11:22. Would like to apply this for another use.

Any help would be great.

In this case they are clicking on a “connect board” column (in this case the “:pushpin:TO DOs” column). It is opening an item pane of a connected item on another board.

Something else to look at is the “open” button you get when you mouse over an items name. The item view panel can be customized, you can add an “Item Card” view to it, then add widgets where you customize the columns shown in the widget. This may be what you’re looking for.

if you click the balloon with a + in it on the popup for a connected item, you go directly to the item view panel of the connected item. (where you can post updates as well)

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