Populate a people column based on a formula column

Hello everyone,

I am in the process of setting up a monday board that pulls data from our airtime support system. i have the ‘Agent’ coming across into a free text field (AirTime integration will only support populating a free text field with the agent. the field is pulled accross as “First name + last Name | email address”. I translate this field to just “FirstName + Last Name”, I want this Agent field to populate the people field automatically.

EG: AirTime ticket gets created in Monday as an item. Populates the free text field with a person name, i have a formula that translates this name into a persons name, i want the people column to assign the item based on this formula column.

Can someone help?

I recommend using Vlookup app.

  1. Create source board (list of employees and their emails)
  2. Add a recipe to your target board: when a new item created lookup email on the source board and assign the person against that email on your database

other alternative would be match automations where you can mirror people column on your database board.

Happy to chat about this if you need more support.

Thanks so much @ggozalova , I don’t see in our Automations the ability to do a lookup from another board. Maybe I am missing something.