Populating Dates based on a T-Number of Days from a completion date

We have a drop dead date and all tasks need to be completed by a certain number of days before that date. Automation wont work since the automation is column specific and I have a T-90, T-60, T-14 (just to name a few). We’ve used a column with these T- dates (single numeric value) and was wondering how to have a Formula populate based on the days needed before a drop dead date.

Hey there! Happy to offer some help here! :blush:

While you could set up an automation recipe to alert you/change the date based on each date column’s needs, I understand that this might be a bit time consuming.

For your formula, I’d suggest the following:


In the example formula above, the name of the column is in the curly brackets and the number of days needed to be subtracted from that date column is after the comma. So if your deadline in the T-90 column is March 1, 2023 and you need the task to be completed 90 days before, the formula will return the date December 1, 2022.

I hope this helps! Let me know if this formula isn’t quite what you were looking for!

Thank you so much for the response. I’m still building out the board so I’ll give this one a shot. Thanks again

Where can we place the formula?