Power BI - how to access the individual time tracking sessions in a cell via the API

I´m trying to get the time tracking column details with the query in the post [Released!] Accessing time-tracking log via the API - #36 by dipro, but I don´t know how to do it in Power BI. Could anyone help?

Hi @rosanacamara,

Great question! There are quite a few threads in our community relating to integrating with Power BI.

Definitely check them out:

Regarding your specific question relating to querying Time Tracking logs, it should be the same as retrieving any other type of column data. Are you running into any specific trouble with this type of data?

Hi, @Helen , thanks for return.

I retrieved the data using this specific query:
{“query”: “query { boards(ids: myboard) { items{column_values(ids:[time_tracking]){value}} } }”}

I got this result:
“column_values”: [
“value”: “{“running”:“false”,“startDate”:1616504562,“duration”:1135,“changed_at”:“2021-03-23T13:21:37.949Z”,“additional_value”:[{“id”:sdfsd,“account_id”:sdfsdf,“project_id”:1117729639,“column_id”:“time_tracking”,“started_user_id”:fsdfdfs,“ended_user_id”:sdfsdfsd,“started_at”:“2021-03-23T13:02:43Z”,“ended_at”:“2021-03-23T13:21:37Z”,“manually_entered_start_time”:false,“manually_entered_end_time”:false,“manually_entered_start_date”:false,“manually_entered_end_date”:false,“created_at”:“2021-03-23T13:02:43Z”,“updated_at”:“2021-03-23T13:21:38Z”,“status”:“active”}]}”

This “json” have the fields that I need (started_at and ended_at)

Do you have a M script code to retrieve this data to use in powerBI and transform each json atribute in a field?

Hi @rosanacamara,

I’m afraid I don’t have that specific of an example code!

However, I do imagine it would just consist of parsing the returned data and then transforming it into the formatting that PowerBI accepts.

If you take a look at Dipro’s example code, it tells you how to pull monday.com data into PowerBI, thought it sounds like you’ve already been able to do this.

Might this be a better question for the PowerBI team?

Yes, in this case I will need to help of an PowerBI specialist. Thanks for return.

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