Printing reports

why can’t i print a tab?

Hi @abelljms !

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Just to clarify on my end, when you a referencing a tab that means the view at the top of the board correct?

If that is the answer, first you will want to make sure that you are choosing the correct tab/view and then in the top right hand corner there are three ellipse (…). Click on that and then the “more actions” and then “print board” option. This should be printing the view that you are currently seeing.

Hope this helps!

it’a progress Jim, but not as we know it. So i’ve been shown a print option, but it only generates the attached summary which is useless. I want the .doc document of the individual notes that i have attached. -except i can’t attach anything due to your software.

Hi @abelljms!

Unfortunately that is not currently a feature in

Thank you for the clarification though!