Pro/Standard accounts security pls add auto session logging off


We are a small non-profit ethical finance organisation. Some of the data we have on our Monday boards is therefore very sensitive and needs to be as secure as possible.

However, there is a limitation with the 2FA which means it is effectively useless.

On standard and Pro plans there is no feature to automatically log users off after a set time. As a result if you do not remember to manually log out your account remains logged in and is instantly accessible via a browser. Our company is hybrid so if a laptop was stolen or lost this could mean anyone could access our Monday account.

I would like to request that as an urgent security measure the ability for an admin to automatically log out all sessions after a set time (currently only available on Enterprise) is made available for Pro and Std plans.

I appreciate that you probably want users to more up plans to gain more features but Enterprise will be way beyond our budget so we are stuck with a Pro plan. However, without this ability to log users out, all our Monday accounts are a security risk and we may well be forced to look at a more secure alternative to Monday.

So, I would urge you - please consider bringing this option in for Pro and Std accounts. At the moment, the 2FA is useless if it is reliant on every user on the account remembering to manually log out of Monday every time.


I agree 100% with what Rob said above. Essentially, the security is only used for the first login and then, as long as you dont clear all internet data, the system can be accessed by anybody on that machine from that point forward. The only security is the computer’s security and many dont set that. This is a major oversight and should be part of the basic package. Just about every website you have to log inot via a browser has a timeout feature with being the rare exception.

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