Project Manager with a lot on my plate

Hi All,

I am a project manager for a company that owns apartment complexes. I have alot on my plate and don’t want to keep it all in my head. I am spread between Gmail, Monday, Dropbox and want to figure out the best way to keep it all organized in Monday. I don’t want to keep anything in my head.
How can I set up Monday to be my home base? I have multiple properties I work with and each property has multiple projects.

I want to go through my day and work in Monday, as something gets done and needts the next step by X date I want that to go in Monday and get reminded when it needs done.

Any help or advise would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Here is a realtime example where I need help.
After writing this post I went back to my inbox and got an email that we had a sign blow over and it needs to be replaced. So what did I do? I read it then marked as unread.

I got another email that says I need to go to the city to check on a few items. What do I do with that?

That one I actually put on my calendar and then deleted but really I want to be able to see the whole picture of each project and all of my projects.

Please help

Hi, @mosheloop - Welcome to the community. I’d be happy to chat with you about how to get started with monday․com. My company Polished Geek is a Product-Certified partner.
You can book a free session here:

Thanks for booking a meeting @mosheloop - I look forward to meeting you on Friday. In the meantime if you would like to privately share screenshots of your current boards or just an advance list of questions, you can send it to us at
Talk soon…

Hey @mosheloop, sounds like you need to integrate the platforms you’re using! I work for Unito, a company that creates integrations between PM tools, but right now Gmail and Dropbox aren’t one of our integrations. I know Zapier has a ton of automation partners, so that might be able to help you having all the info you need in Monday, and not scattered around everywhere. Hope that helps!