Project manager with skills

Permanent role.

Hi! Software consultancy based in U.K. with teams and offices in Sweden, Poland, Hungary, and USA. Fully distributed teams but offices if you feel the need to use one.

We are currently on the search for a project manager to manage a client software project.

Problem is, we’re getting a lot of people with very procedural, TPS reports oriented mindset. We need someone with more of an automation oriented mindset.

We need someone who sees the value in automation and is savvy enough to be able to take our existing Monday system (syncs in issues from 20 GitHub repositories, 200 active issues) and enhance and extend it while keeping developers accountable and communicating progress and risks to our client.

Basic project manager job description but clued in enough to see the value in Monday.

JIRA is something we see as an overhead whereas Monday we see as an enabler/multiplier.

In terms of location, candidate needs to be in the EU and within an hour of U.K. time zone.

If anyone is interested - get in touch and we can get on a call and discuss further / provide more details.

Thanks for reading

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