Project Templates with Pre-Defined Subitems and Time Estimates

Does anyone know a way of creating a project template with built in subitems? Like in the picture below:

These tasks are likely to repeat on all new projects so I don’t want to type them out all the time.

I would also like it to allocate pre-defined time allocations for certain activities, such as ‘machine Op10’ column called ‘set up (hrs)’.

I would like to set up a few different variations of this template, for example, other new jobs may need a different set of subitems depending on what I am manufacturing.

So far I have tried an app called sub-item templates, but it had limited capability.

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hi @joe.morgans

I just tested this in my account. My template does contain subitems and they are carried over to the board I create from that template. See this little Loom Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Hi Bas,

Thanks for your reply, but thats not quite what I am after.

I would like the task itself to be saved as a template (with all subitems included). Then I can add this to an existing project.

I have tried the sub-item templates plugin, and this works ok, but I would also like to have it fill out some of the subitem columns automatically, such as set up (hrs) and unit (hrs).

If you have anything else I can try please let me know :slight_smile:


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Would it be possible to do this through automation?

I could add a status type collumn which lists all the common types of jobs, then if I select ‘product type 1’ it will create all the subitems and populate the correct fields? Or is this a bit too complex…

Something like:
If status ‘template type’ is set to ‘product type 1’
Then create subitem called ‘order material’
Then create subitem called ‘write program’
Then create subitem called ‘CNC Machine component’
Then create subitem called ‘Dispatch’

It would be good if it could also assign predefined time estimates


Hi Joseph,

What are you trying to achieve, can be easily done with “Subitems Pro Template” app. You can just create the subitem and then save it as a template. It supports almost all types of columns.

I have the same question and want to do the same thing but haven’t figure out how.