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Working on developing our ticket booth application further more specifically the ability to have client communication through monday.com updates. We have finished the api on our end however we are running into a weird issue with emailing updates to pulse ID addresses. It seems that for some reason even tho the emails are being delivered on SendGrids end they are not ending up in the update. We tested all of this with a gmail account and it worked perfect however now that we are sending out of SendGrid it doesn’t create the update. Please see the screenshot below.

My thought is that the email address doesn’t pass proper auth and this is something monday.com does to prevent spam however I am unsure and would love feed back on how to resolve. Thanks!

+1 on emails sent to pulse email addresses not showing up as an update in monday.com

I faced the same issue with sending emails via AWS SES for my project -

At this time stamp

I was sending the email to the pulse email address hoping that it would show up in the updates section but it wan’t working. So, I settled down with creating an update with just subject & email id using a mutation.

I also tested sending an email from Gmail to the same pulse email address and it worked flawlessly. Seems like the issue is only with email sending services like SendGrid & SES.

Our developers team is researching this issue, for my understanding it’s intermittent, for some accounts it’s working and some not. In the mean time I can advise to do what @upitchika did using the API.

Hey @edogr1,

Is there any update on this issue ?



Figured I share what my team discovered in terms of this. The reason that our responses or emails were not getting added into monday.com updates was because the user is not on our monday.com roster registered with that Send Grid email address. This is the only way you are able to utilize the email pulse address. This drove us to create a bit of a work around using a middle man inbox and processes all replies and then making API calls based on an identifier we hid in the emails.

Hope this helps a little. It’s a real bummer they don’t let more email address send in updates I think it could help a lot of people out.


Hey @jackjack2202,

Thank you for sharing this! I’ll be sure to pass along the feedback to our developers.


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