Pushing multiple dates by work days

I’m having trouble trying automatize 3 dates colums, here is my scenario:

I have a case in which I want to create and Item, and manually add a date. (Date1)
Based on this Date1, I need Date2 (which is empty and therefore it can’t be set to pushed) to be Date1 + 1 day (workday) and the I need Date3 (which is empty and therefore it can’t be set to pushed) to be Date2 + 4 workdays .
I habe been playing with custom automations but dates are pushed only if dates are already populated in their fileds. And I also tried another automation to move dates based on numbers colums but that does not take into account workdays vs regular days.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Gabo :wave:

I wonder if the following could work for you?

If we set the numbers column to 0, when using the following automation the second date will be duplicated from the first date:

You can then set up another automation to set Date 3 to the same date too, using the same logic as above.

Using custom automations, you can then push the dates by business days. Given that you’d like to push Date 3 to be 4 workdays after Date 2, I wonder instead if you could push it 5 workdays from Date 1?
This would give you the following automation:

Let me know if this could work for you!



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