Python library for v2 api on github


I did for my own purposes long time ago python library (GitHub - klepek/monday_library: Python library for (formerly dapulse)), today I have released updated version for v2 api.

Feel free to fork/submit pull requests if you will find this useful.

It might be a bit ugly :slight_smile:


Hey @jan_klepek – really cool stuff! I’ll admit, I gasped when I saw this post… :star: :star: :star:

Have you been using this library to build integrations with our platform? I would love to learn more about the kinds of projects you’ve been developing with our API (and your library)! :100:


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It is used for creating reports ie, timetracking from redmine aggregated and pushed to corresponding projects managed in monday, and reading data from monday into status reports.

so the library covers mainly things which we needed rather than complete integration of all possible functionality in Monday.

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Great! Thanks for sharing :sunny: