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I am building a dashboard app. I came across an issue with the monday API limits that I wonder what is the best approach to solve it:
In one of the features (filtering option), I need to get all possible names (value) in a specific text column.
The issue is that the board contains around of 4500~ items. From my understanding, I need to reach the items first in order to get the names in the text column. The issue is the API not allowing me to reach so much data at once because there are so many items.

What should I do in order to get all the names in the text column without the api crashing?


Hello there @Roy!

It looks like in this case, a good solution for this could be using pagination.

Here is an article explaining the different things you can do in order to avoid hitting the rate limit.

Hope it helps!


Hello Matias and thank you for the quick reply.

Pagination sounds great solution but I wonder how can I implement it via the API.
Eventually, I need to access all the column values in the 4500~ items on the board - so, is it possible to create a request to query items between 100 to 200 for example?

Hello @Roy!

You can use a query like this one:

  boards(ids: 1122334455) {
    items(limit: 100, page: 1) {
      column_values {

Then you would go to page 2, then page 3 and so on until the response you get has less than 100 items, and then you will know there are no more pages to go through.

If your board is very big (lots of columns, lots of mirror columns) you might want to play with the limit. The smaller the limit, the smaller is the chance of hitting a timeout (which is probably the issue here).


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Amazing! thank you :slight_smile:

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Unito is a great app and can pull in data from a variety of sources and I had no issues bring in 9600+ rows onto a single board.

Can be one way or bidirectional on all mapped fields.

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