Quick view for active (running) time tracking tasks

I’d like to get some feedback (e.g. in the left column) if a task is running or not. When you’re in many projects and tasks it’s very confusing to have a simple overview if any task is active. Sometimes I quickly change between tasks and forget to set the new task to “Working on it”. If I’d have a quick overview it would be much more clear to see what’s running (or not).


That’s a great idea!

It would also be helpful if the indicator was a button/link where you could stop the timer and/or jump immediately to that item.


If I am jumping between tasks I will forget that I have the time tracker on, so showing the time tracker running at the top of the page would be very helpful. Also a reminder that it is on after a long time or to turn it on at the beginning of the day would also be nice. I know using other time management systems that they have it so you can always see that it is on and then turn it off from the bar at the top.

This would be a great quality of life improvement!