Random Users Showing up as Calendar Color Options

As best as I can tell this is a bug. On my calendar regardless of the color settings I use I’m seeing the names of some random users in the color key. Scrolling through recent/future months I don’t see any entries colored to match. Is there a way to remove these? The calendar pulls from a few different boards fwiw.

Hey @rauskelis,

Can you let me know if deselecting the option in the additional settings section changes anything for you?

Hi Bianca! I tried toggling that off and back on, but no change.

Hmm… this definitely sounds a little strange.

Are you able to test this behaviour in a private browser (incognito window)? Does the issue persist?

The issue does persist in incognito. I also see it on the mobile app.

This looks like a potential bug :frowning: Would you be able to reach out to our support team via our help center and they will be able to escalate this to our technical team? Please reference this community thread too :pray: