Read-Only Groups Feature Request

My goal is to have open visibility to project boards and to allow my teams to have edit content permissions that are not restricted.

This works as advertised until I want to add a group to my board that I only want to have read-only permissions. There is a part of the organization that should be able to see all of the content on my boards, but not be able to alter / edit anything. If I change the permissions of the board to “Edit content only in items assigned to them in the Owner columns” I potentially lock these read-only people out, but I then also restrict my team that should be hands on doing the work and limit them from adding / removing items, assigning them to others on the team or their sub-teams, etc. This means I then have to become the single point of failure to make some changes or promote others to board admins and give them the power to change more than just content. Or flip side, keep everything open and hope someone doesn’t come through and inadvertently modify content that you then have to track down and revert.