Recurring meeting tasks based on days before or after the meeting

I apologize if this is a newbie question. Each month I host a meeting. There are about 75 tasks for each of these meetings and they are set up based on days before, day of or days after the meeting. For accountability, I need to be able to export the entire series of tasks showing completion date and name of the person who completed the task. I would like to put in October meeting, October 17th and the entire task list auto populate to the actual dates those tasks are due based on the 35 days prior to meeting or 2 days post meeting idea. Is this possible and if so, could you show me how?

Hi @Hayly - have you looked into Dependencies in monday? This way you can automatically shift dates of dependent tasks. Please note this is only available on PRO and ENT plans.

How to set dependencies on – Support

Hope this helps!