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I am hoping to create a group of recurring tasks, but they are tasks that need to be done every 3 hours. Is there a way I can set the recurring tasks to change as a status “To Do” or something so the owner of the task knows the 3 hours have past and the tasks needs to be done again? I know this can be done if it’s daily / weekly / monthly but I can’t find a way to do it hourly.

Any help would be really appreciated.



Hi @shaunafitzgoo :wave:

That’s a great question!

There are a few automations that you might find useful for this specific use case.
These are the automations that include the ‘some time’ logic.

For example, this automation:

This can be configured so that ‘some time’ is set to 3 hours:

This particular automation is triggered by a status change, so you could change the status each time the task is completed, and a notification will be trigged three hours later.

If you’d like to have a new item for each task (rather than changing the status of an existing task), you might like to try this automation instead:

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :smile:



Hi @Dani

This would be great to acheive!

I don’t see the ability to set this after some time though.

So for example, I have if status changes, notify someone, but there is no option that I see to set this after some time. Could you advice on how to do this please?

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Hi @Dani :slight_smile:

Just wondering if you have time to advice on the above. I’m still stuck on it :frowning:

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @shaunafitzgoo :wave:

Happy to clarify here! Apologies for the delay.

First, select the robot icon at the top of the board:

This will open the automation center in a pop up. Once this open, select the Automation Center tab:

Search within the search bar for ‘some time’ to filter the automations:

Select the ‘Notification’ tab from the left hand side:

This should allow you to see the automations I mentioned previously!

I hope that helps!



Hi @shaunafitzgoo

Just wanted to check and see if you still needed any assistance with this?

We’d be happy to help! :smile:



Hi @Dani it works now for me thank you :slight_smile:

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