[RELEASED] Creating new labels with the API

:sparkles::sparkles:Hi everyone!

After much anticipation, you are now able to create new Status and Dropdown labels using our API!

To do so, use the create_labels_if_missing boolean argument to create any missing labels in your Status and Dropdown columns. This argument will default to false, so if you don’t define it as true the missing labels will not get created and your API calls will fail.

Because creating new labels changes a board’s structure, you must have the permissions to change board structure in order to successfully use this argument.

Here is an example query using this argument:

mutation {
  create_item (board_id: 12345678, item_name: "New item", column_values: "{\"status\" : \"New Label\"}", create_labels_if_missing: true) {

Currently, this parameter has been added to the following mutations:

  • create_item()
  • change_simple_column_value()
  • change_column_value()
  • change_multiple_column_values()
  • create_subitem()

Thanks everyone and happy building!