[Released] Link to Item Column Update

Is there any documentation on how to update a Link to Item column value?


hey @bevoid,
unfortunately link to item column is not yet supported by the API.
But we are working on it so stay tuned! :slight_smile:


Any update on this @Ayelet? :grinning:

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Really looking forward to this feature!

sorry, no updates yet

I’d like to add I need this feature as well. I can already create an item with a link to another item via the API, why can’t I update the link then?
Is there any update on the progress with this feature? :slight_smile:

Edit: I see now my post is less than a month from the last time someone asked for an update, apologies.

Hey Kevin!

No need to be sorry! I’m going to add your vote to this feature request :slight_smile:


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Hi Dipro,

    Where can I see the votes for different feature requests? Is there a leader board for this? Thank you very much!!

Ian Su

Hey Ian – we don’t have a public facing leaderboard, it’s internal for now. We don’t have current plans to make a public-facing feature request portal, but it’s definitely something we’ve thought about before.

Yes this feature is needed right away and also an automation for validating as well.

Got it. Thank you.
We really need this feature. I hope to know what we can do to push this feature forward. Maybe share our use case?

That certainly wouldn’t hurt! What are y’all looking to use the link to item column for?

I think the situation applied if anyone wants to use some code to do cross-board management.

Scenario 1: We have 2 boards for CRM, one is task-centered and one is contact-centered. We do most of our job at the task-centered board and update info to contact-centered board simultaneously through the fantastic link-to-item feature. So, we can both focus on our current challenge, while keeping important information permanently: once the task is finished, the task would be removed, but structured data would be kept in the contact-centered board. Chances are the contact board would only grow bigger and bigger and we may duplicate or mixup some contact. We decide to use a bot to check if some rows need to be merged or deleted. In this case, the bot would also need to update the link-to-item column in the task-centered board.

Scenario 2: We, as a VC, also got 2 boards for investment. One is for deal-pipe-line and one is for the startup data, we use them the same way as Scenario 1. We also connect our startup board to some cloud organization DB, so, if someone creates a task in their deal-pipe-line board, and our bot finds a related company in some cloud DB, we want our bot to be able to update to the link-to-item column in the deal-pipe-line board.

Scenario 3: We also care about the relationship between our contacts and our startup data. These are also partly handled by our bot, so, we actually need the feature everywhere :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

If anyone else on this thread wants to share their use case, we would love to see it!

@IanSu – it’s really cool that you’ve got roving bots looking for duplicates on your boards. I definitely see how important it is to update the Link to Item column so that everything is well connected and your bot can look for patterns.

I’ll pass this along to our team so they can take a look :slight_smile:

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Are there any news about this feature. It’s really important to have this. There are lots of scenarios, but mainly its important because it allows to mantain relations between “entities” (ej: clients, products, tickets, etc.) referenced inside pulses. It allows consistency and traceability. EJ: If every time someone wants to reference a client in several tables, client names or ids must be typed or dropdowns prepopulated. This is very unpractical and error prone. Also if in any table client data mus be displayed it must be also typed. This leads to posible inconsistencies in informations. Any aplication that uses the API and wants to mantain consistency and tracebility must use thius feature that currently its only available in the UI.

Hi @dipro-monday.com can you give some sort of estimate when this will be available?

I am helping a client to import data into monday and they have several boards with related data. I would be nice if I could write a tool to import the data and create the links between the items instead of having to manually relate 500 items :grimacing:

this feature is direly needed. We have a test data set with ~500 accounts which have 5-10 opps each. Linking them manually is just unfeasible

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Also here, developing an app for my team and really need this feature

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Same here ! Could we please please please have this feature ? It would save a huge amount of time daily !

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Damn, i need this too.

does anyone know a way to query items by the link_to_item value?

Or do i just query all items on the board and then do my own filtering on our end?

Seems like it times out of there are too many items