[RELEASED] `parent_item` Field When Querying Subitems

:sparkles::sparkles:Hi everyone,

I’m so pleased to announce that we now have a parent_item field for our subitems!

As many of you know, before this addition you could query your subitem column values and you could query the subitem column in your parent items to see your subitem IDs, but there was no direct link between the two. In order to match the relevant subitem column values with the correct parent item them, this required a manual searching mechanism created by individual developers to match subitem IDs together.

However, with the addition of this new parent_item field, you will be able to query your subitem column values and also be able to see the relevant parent item information for this subitem!

Here is an example of how to use this field:

query {
  boards(ids: 'YOUR_SUBITEM_BOARD_ID'){
    items{  // all of the subitems on your subitem board
      id  // your subitem IDs
      parent_item {
        id  // the parent item IDs for each subitem
        column_values {  // the column values of your parent items

Keep in mind that because querying subitems currently follows the same structure as querying parent items (i.e. you need to first find your subitem board ID, then use that subitem board ID to query your subitems normally), if you use the parent_item field on a parent item, the result will be null.

Check out our updated API documentation on this method here.

We hope this aids in your subitem queries. As always, let us know your thoughts on this new field.

Happy building!