[RELEASED] SubItem Mapping

Hi Team,
Good day.
Is there any native way we can achieve subitem mapping within Monday Integration Recipes? This is like the dynamic mapping feature as described on this guide (Item Mapping and Custom Entities), but instead of mapping into item columns, I’d like to map my custom fields into subitem columns. I understand that subitems are basically items that are associated on another board and not on the current board that your main items is.

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Hey Russel! At the moment subitems aren’t supported by dynamic mapping, but it’s definitely something we can look into.

Can you explain a bit about the recipe you’re trying to create?

Hi Dipro,
Thanks for your response.
I’m mapping the output of my app (custom entity) to update the subitems in my monday board. But no worries, I’ll do some workaround for now if it’s not available yet.


Are there any plans on supporting dynamic mapping for subitems? I have seen that it is not yet implemented. I am also interested in using dynamic mapping for subitems in the app I’m developing for the hackathon.

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Hi all!

So happy to announce that we recently released support for subitem columns in custom integration recipes that use dynamic mapping.

Check out my most recent announcement here!