[Released] Update Location Column Type


We are attempting to change data with column type ‘location’. The error received states that this column type is not yet supported in the API. Are there any intentions/general estimate of when this feature may be implemented? It would greatly improve our workflow.

Hey @chrisharder :wave:

You’re correct that the API does not currently support the Location Column. While I don’t have an ETA as to when this will be added to monday.com’s API, I can let you know that it’s something we do intend to do in the future.

I’ve passed your feedback along to the team and let them know that you’re specifically interested in this added functionality :slight_smile:


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Id love to see this happen soon, we use the API to import thousands of customers, and it would be great for the team to be able to see all of our users on a map.


Agreed. Our company uses the API to integrate with the spin-up process for new customers in our ISP. Particularly, it is the interface technicians use to know who and where to install. An effective workaround I found is linking Google Maps API to dynamically enter a hyperlink to directions to the client site in each item. While this is sufficient, this visualization would be very beneficial.


Agreed — Ability to update Location columns via the API is a must-have for our business process. @Scott-monday.com Are there any workarounds or automations we can build within Monday to, for example, take an Address text string and place it in the Location field?


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Hey there @palmerijosh and @chrisharder :wave:

Thank you for providing further feedback about the impact this feature could possibly have for you! That definitely makes sense and I’ll add those comments to Scott’s feature request as well.

We appreciate your help and feedback - it helps us make monday.com a better place to work in :slight_smile:



Yes this is something I also would love to be able to do. I do a lot of GIS work and have tons of geodata i want to easily import to my monday boards. My workaround for now have been making an macro that just copies one cell move one to the right paste and then continues down. I can easy get the coords into an excel sheet and just import that but would be much better to just be able to set it as a “Location” column directly, instead of running a copy macro for an hour. :smiley:


@AlexJ Thank you so much for joining this conversation and sharing your experience!

If it’s not asking for too much, is there any chance you could also provide the workaround or macro that you use currently when working with coordinates and Monday.com? Perhaps it would help other users save their time and be as efficient as you are :slight_smile:

I definitely agree an option to import to the Location column directly would be far better any workaround though.


Yes i could share it. Im currently using “Macro Recorder” the free version is limited to 10 actions per run. But with the paid one its unlimited.

I can share my script and if you want a screen record of it in action? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for circling back! Honestly, if asking you to pass the script and a screen recording wouldn’t be asking for too much from you, I’m not even sure how I would be able to express just how much I would appreciate that :slight_smile: What I can promise is I’ll share that amazing workaround with the whole monday.com customer-facing team and we’ll always give you credit for coming up with this way of doing things.

If you are interested in making this a community post, I would really enjoy collaborating with you so that the info is in open access as well :slight_smile:

What do you think? Let me know.


Absolutely I just have to prepare some things before hand. Send me a DM and I’ll send my contact info. :slight_smile:


Hey @AlexJ and @AlexSavchuk! Any updates or thoughts on this recently?


I’m afraid that the API doesn’t support the Location column just yet, so there haven’t been any new updates thus far. Stay tuned for future updates though as we continue to improve the platform and our API support for its features :slight_smile:



Sadly this is a make or break issue for us, so it looks like Monday will not be getting our business. Such a shame as it otherwise fits our needs perfectly.
I would have hoped that 7 years of clients asking for this would have been enough to implement this, I wonder how many other potential clients have also skipped Monday for this reason but haven’t provided feedback.


As a real estate company, updating the location via the API would be immensely helpful. Look into Google Geocode API for an easy solution.

Any news when this will be becoming available?

Hi all!

Check out my newest update: [RELEASED] Updating Location column with API!.

Hope this helps!