Remove Subitem Cell in Excel Export

Please disable exporting this cell (highlighted in image) from Exporting to Excel with subitems. The subitems are included below, and this cell creates an extra cleanup step because it’s messy and unnecessary.

Please and thank you!
-A loyal user (from when it was dapulse :slightly_smiling_face:)

Hey @Lyndsey - very excited to have an OG with us!! :blush:

As for your request, I can definitely see what you mean here. I have also been able to reproduce this on my end. I’ve followed up with our developers about this and will update you as soon as I hear back. Thanks in advance for your patience :pray:

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Thank you for your patience @Lyndsey! I did just want to follow up here to let you know that the team are still in the process of investigating this issue, as it appears it has come up a few times via support. I will continue to keep you updated when I am provided more information - thanks again for your patience with me :slight_smile:

Hey @Lyndsey - another update from me! I can confirm the team are considering removing the subitem summary that appears in the export. Whilst an ETA isn’t concrete, if they can get this prioritised, it should be fixed within 2-4 weeks - I appreciate your understanding in advance!

Hi @BiancaT, this is great news. Thank you for the update and we’ll keep an eye out.

Hi Bianca, just wanted to know if there was a better idea when this might be fixed? I have an item that contains over 124 items under it and it’s a really pain to have to reformate my excel reports before sending them out. This one fix would have me so much time.

Checking on this for you Chris!