Render custom content within a column on a board

Is it possible to render custom content within a column?

For example I’m looking to achieve something like the progress tracking column but rather than being mapped to status columns in the board it would keep track of changes within the item view component.

At the moment I can only think of needing to add the status columns collapsed somewhere in the board to keep it out of the user’s way but this is not particularly extensible (10+ steps to track would make for a lot of clutter). It would be nice to have a column to put some html + css to feedback the current status to the user.

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hi @BenWC

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Unfortunately this is not possible (yet). I remember there were talks inside monday development to add support for custom columns some time ago, but it got silence since then. It would be great to have support in the development platform to define custom columns like the battery style column.

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Thank you Bas for the answer!!