Replicating a Date into another Column


I would like to manually add a date to ‘Date Received’ and for that to then be replicated into ‘Deadline’. I can set up automations to change the Deadline using other columns, but my problem is that I need a date to start from in that column and would like it to simply be replicated from Date Received.

I can do it as a formula, but then it isn’t recognised as a date when I am doing the automations.


Hey John!

At this time (as you’ve come to notice) it isn’t currently possible to achieve this natively in the platform. That said, had you explored the general caster app available via our apps marketplace? This enables you to set the date in your ‘date received’ column and for that value to be casted to a new column - in your case, the ‘deadline’ column.

I’ve tested this on my end and it worked well! Let me know what you think!