Response time for tech support could improve, from chat bot to live agent to a calendar invite to a televideo session

Response time for tech support could improve, from chat bot to live agent to a calendar invite to a live televideo session. Getting the agent agree to a live session is one thing. The availability of the agent is another. My ticket created on a monday 3:30pm resulted in a live session calendar invite earliest available is wednesday night 11pm. I dont think that’s acceptable for any other 9-5p companies out there. The agent disclosed that they’re working on several clients at a time and can’t offer live support aside from what they have as a calendar availability. Not very helpful.

Hi Maru,

Sorry about your experience here. I will look into it. Please send me a PM with the email associated with your ticket and will try to handle it.

In the meantime, do you want to ask you question here in the community and see if our commmuntiy can help with it?

Personally my experience with response time has been fairly good.

But the main issue with Monday Support in my opinion is that they deflect the issue / try to find reasons why it’s not an issue, eventhough it clearly is.

Also have had a Support Ticket open for 3 months, without a response from the person assigned for 1 month. And it took a lot of time to even explain the bug/issue and have it accepted by Monday as an issue.

@Julietteb I think one of the greater failings is supports primary goal is finding the end user a solution/workaround to a problem - but solving underlying problems is not a priority.

What ends up happening is something isn’t a “bug”, in other words, its working how its programmed to work. The problem being, its programmed to work in a way that is incongruent with user expectations.

For example this custom automation (presume “P Status 1” is currently the blank status that has had its label set to “Not Started”)


When the new item in the other board is created, what will the value of the status that “P Status 1” is mapped to be? (This is an exercise for you to try :slight_smile: )

This is working as its supposed to because that’s how its coded. But its illogical to end users. So there is no issue and we just get told how to work around what happens. Its not treated as a “oh this doesn’t work how anyone thinks it would work, we should fix it.”

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Thanks for everyone’s response so far. What ends up happening is that the chat agent will ask you to explain what exactly is wrong. It’s fairly hard to explain something in detail through chat, especially if you’re talking about a complex workflow/automation problem.

The time spent making conversation through chat and not having it resolved brews frustration for the user. The Agent trying to help can’t make a decision to just jump in a zoom session because the problem has to meet certain conditions before it escalates and merits a live session. The agent even admits troubleshooting multiple calls at the same time.

Couple of hours later the user is already frustrated. The calendar availability on my end was 2 days from the start of the chat support. That wouldn’t really fly for most users/clients.

What ended up happening is that I made multiple chat agent follow ups (3x half an hr apart) Until I had someone else helping me at the tail end of the business day the following day. (based on everybody else’s availability aside from the original chat agent). It has to be this way or else you’ll have to wait.

Live support is capped at 20mins wether or not the issue is resolved at which point the agent will make a recording and send it to you 24-48hrs later for what they think would suffice for what you’re trying to accomplish. (That solution from the recoding wasn’t it for me).

Now I’ll need to follow up again for something they could’ve just easily extended my 20-min live session. Apologies, that was long-winded, remnants of the aforementioned frustrations. (I’ll be curious to see the results of the feedback survey after each chat convo)

Again, thank for the responses.

Ticket Number: 3475672 and 3475845

Hi Everyone thanks for this feedback. I am going to pass it along to our support team. We are always trying new ways to support our customers and try to be available across platforms and timezones! The feedback is super important and really helps us improve. So thank you!

@jmaru will have someone reach out!

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