Restricted panel access - Guests

Hello friends!

I have a graphics panel generated from a shareable board.

I need to provide access to this graphics panel to specific guests and so far everything is fine!

It turns out that, when I give access, if the guest clicks on the graph, they will have access to the data on the board and this cannot happen, as the information is confidential.

Access must be restricted to the visual panel (graphic), without any detailed information.

Can anyone tell me how this restriction was effected?

Hey Renato,

Is it possible to share an example of what the guests currently have access to so I can get a better understanding of the relevant permission to set? :pray:

I would like guests to only have access to the graphics.
When you click, all the card information becomes visible and that’s not what I want.
Access must be restricted to the panel/graphic in the visual, even if clicking does not provide more information.

Card details are confidential and guests should not have access.

In short, what should be accessed is only what is on the initial screen of the panel/graph.

The attached video explains it better.

Thank you for getting back to me! I am afraid I am unable to see the video you’ve attached - if you prefer, you’re welcome to send me the video via a private message.

I did want to mention that it sounds like the behaviour you’re running into is expected - because the graphics (/widgets/board views) are displaying data based on board information, it’s expected that if guests have access to the graphics, they can then view the associated data.

That said, I’d be happy to look into this incase there’s a solution!

I edited the message by attaching the video correctly.

It is exactly the issue of data associated with the graphics that we cannot allow access to. Our objective is for the visualization to be restricted to the visual aspect of the screen released to the guest, without access to the details.

Thank you for sharing Renato!

If these Guests have access to the information in the dashboard, this means that they have access to the connected boards that the data is coming from, therefore it’s expected that they can drill-down the data in the widgets/cards.

In order to restrict access to certain areas of the board (and thus the dashboard), you’d need to implement board permissions in the specific boards.

Does this make sense?


The intention is to give access to the panel to new guests, who should not have access to the board areas.

If this is not possible, I can think about depriving some columns, but it would be essential not to have access to updates, as we record a lot of restricted information.

Is there a way to deprive access to item updates on the board?

Thank you Renato.

I am afraid unless you have item viewing permissions in place on the board, guests will be able to access those item updates in the board.

Item viewing permissions are exclusive to our Enterprise plan, if this is something you’d be interested in looking into?